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Windows to the Soul

Someone once said that eyes are the windows to the soul. Do you think they meant to include animals? Emphatically I say, I do! I have a dog. I didn't ask for a dog, nor did I want one at the time . . . it wasn't fair to the dog to be cooped up in a house all day and have the evening while we worked outside the home. But the dog spoke to us, or should I say her eyes latched on and wouldn't let go. When I travel I'm drawn to animals and on more than one occasion they've been sentient enough to pause for my pictures. Better than most people I'd have to say. So, I take animal portraits. Today I want to share one from Asheville, North Carolina. There were several horses in a corral, all milling about, crossing each other's paths. The sun was just coming up and it wove its way between the horses throwing odd shadows. This particular horse seemed interested in the fact that I was watching, perhaps waiting for me to decide what to do, studying me from behind the protection of its (sorry to say I either don't remember or didn't even notice whether it was a she or a he) beautiful mane, revealing only the briefest of thoughts. For just a moment, we connected.

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