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"... the art of fiction ought to be immediately, instantaneously graspable.

-Anton Chekhov

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The Rose and the Whip, Chapter 1Read by the Author
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The Rose and the Whip.jpg
Cover art produced by Jon Grisham (, based on a photo of the First Parish Church of Newbury ( and the photographic work of S&S Photography. 
Original cover concept drawings by Ms. Sierra Brooks.
Abiquiu Calls
Abiquiu calls, night
desert under flourescent
lights, to her I speak
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Short(er) Stories
Lost and Found

Beyond the cracked sidewalk, and the telephone pole with layers of flyers in a rainbow of colors, and the patch of dry brown grass there stood a ten-foot high concrete block wall, caked with dozens of coats of paint. There was a small shrine at the foot of it, with burnt out candles and dead flowers and a few soggy teddy bears. One word of graffiti filled the wall, red letters on a gold background: Rejoice!

There was something familiar about this, something she knew she should recognize, something like a hummingbird flitting and chirping around in her memory but never still long enough for her to catch it. She sat down on the ground with her back against the pole, hugging her knees to her chest, and she studied everything in front of her.

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