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To Outline, or Not to Outline! Is it a Question?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

There's two camps on this, do outline or don't outline. Sounds simple, but I'm finding with my second novel in its early days that it isn't as simple as you might think. I'm an organizer, methodical, logical, etc. so outlining should be the default. I start in my head, and the picture looks pretty good. On paper, not so much. Then I get caught up in the outline, turn it into a science project, and literally get diverted away from the book. I'm also a checklist kind of person, but I end up in the same place. . .spending more time and energy on the checklist than on the developing the characters, plot, action, etc. Pinterest has proven to be an interesting source for articles on writing, now I find a plethora of checklists and diagrams and forms and rules, and I find myself getting drawn in. It's not that these resources aren't useful or don't provide good information, it's just that there's so much! So, I find myself now going back to what I know, which is sketch it all out in my head, piece by piece, start writing, and figure it out as I go.

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