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Red Gets People's Attention!

Aside from my travelling, I seem to use my photography as a reward for finishing some bit of, dare I say, good writing. This week I've been working on a photo book of several trips to Mexico and I'm reminded of how striking some of the photos are. First, I have to say, I avoid taking pictures of people because I just don't feel like I capture their expressions to satisfy me. There are two exceptions, though. My grandsons, who have endless expressions, are more than happy to hold their sometimes contorted faces long enough for me to get the camera out. The other exception is animals who are never willing to sit still for photos. Go figure! Anyway, I'm reminded that my mantra is "something to say" and that is definitely not limited to what I can say in words. So, I'm issuing myself a challenge--because there are endless things we can challenge ourselves to during a quarantine--to post a new portrait every day. Some might speak for themselves, like this one, taken at a place call Xcaret outside of Cancun, Mexico. Okay, it is an animal park, and the animals are accustomed to being gawked at . . . continuously . . . so maybe they do in a primitive way like to pose. This guy looks to me like he's being patient about getting his high school yearbook picture taken, but is winking to let me know he's thinking of something naughty. Some others might speak to me in ways that have to come out as poetry or prose. I'll be just as surprised as you.

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