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In the Second Place . . .

“The writing process, it's too mysterious to try and describe.” Mick Jones

Merriam-Webster defines "second" as next to the first in place or time. For me, right at this moment, this means two things. First, I'm on my second career, and it's about as far and away from my last career as a person can get. Read into that what ever you like. Second (ha), I'm starting my second novel. The first one's finished and, wonder of all wonders, under contract for publication. Big surprise there! (literally) But, more on that later. This whole publication thing is new to me. Haven't got the first (or second) clue. So what do I do next? The easy answer is, start writing the next book. But, I hear the second book is harder than the first, and with M-W's b- definition of second as in being inferior, I'm starting out at a bigger disadvantage than I thought. I'd love to hear your experiences, good or bad, with your "seconds".

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