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Even on Our Greyest Days . . .

We can find a spot of color in an otherwise bleak world; we can imagine a better day, near or far, when a spark can light up a picture; when we can start with a smile and run into a field as green and lush and filled with yellow sunflowers as if the skies opened up and rained color down on us all. I could be talking about Lidia in The Rose and the Whip . . . as she and her family separated themselves from their community, distanced themselves from their past, looked to the future with hope and anticipation for a world without petty arguments or wars, a world where everyone would stand side by side . . . or I could be talking about any one of us on any day, anywhere. I propose it really can be as simple as finding a bit of color and letting it take over your field of vision. Who's with me on this?

The Cemetery Behind the First Parish Church of Newbury, Newbury, MA

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