You don't write because you want to say something,

you write because you have something to say.

           - F. Scott Fitzgerald


The author captures the spirit of the main character, and makes the reader root for her. [This story] will stay with me. I highly recommend this book.

                                                    Sheila, @onthelookoutformynextbook

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In May 1663, Lidia Wardell walked naked through the Newbury meeting-house. She was tried, convicted and publicly whipped for this act of protest. She was not the first, nor would she be the last, of the Quaker women subjected to the tyrannical and sinister treatment of her own Puritan priest. With each lash, Lidia critically examines the events that led her to that point and reflects on how they transformed her, her truth and her faith. From the towns of Dover through her own village of Hampton to Ipswich and beyond, people stood by and silently watched as she took the whip for herself, her family and for all the women she came to represent.
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