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La Lieutenance du Vieux Bassin à Honfleur is a stunning digital art piece that captures the charm and beauty of the historic harbor in Honfleur, France. The piece showcases the iconic Lieutenance building, surrounded by colorful sailboats and the reflections of the surrounding architecture in the tranquil waters of the vieux bassin. The vibrant colors and exquisite attention to detail bring this picturesque scene to life, making it a perfect addition to any art collection. Whether you have a fondness for Honfleur or simply want to add a touch of French charm and history to your collection, La Lieutenance du Vieux Bassin is sure to impress and inspire. 

La Lieutenance du Vieux Bassin à Honfleur

  • Limited Series; Print-on-Deman/Direct from Printer

  • Normandie

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